Transportation to Antibes

By Train : most efficient and fastest way to get around the coast if not on strike ????

Train on the French Riviera is definitively the best transportation to Antibes and anywhere on the coast. Below you’ll find some examples of times that should be suitable for you to get into Antibes from Nice or Cannes (the 2 destinations where most of my visitors are coming from). But please, check on the train company website as times and prices might vary from year to year.

Nice -> Antibes (price 4,8€)
09:12 -> 09:35
09:03 -> 09:29
08:44 -> 09:04
08:27 -> 08:53

Cannes -> Antibes (price 3,1€)
09:21 -> 09:33
09:13 -> 09:23
08:51 -> 09:04

Here’s the link to the train company website:

By Public Bus: much longer than train and can obviously get stuck in traffic but cheaper

A ticket ride is 1,5€

You are looking to jump in bus 200 which is going from Nice to Cannes through Antibes.
Below a few options with timing but I highly recommend to check the link below for eventual changes.

Nice Albert 1er -> Antibes Pole d’Echanges (Train station) (60min or more)
08 :35 -> 09 :37
08 :20 -> 09 :17
08 :05 -> 09 :08
07 :50 -> 08 :53

Cannes (Train Station) – > Antibes Pole d’Echanges (Train Station) (35-40min)
08 :55 -> 09 :30
08 :40 -> 09 :17
08 :25 -> 09 :02
08 :10 -> 08 :47

More info and details here.

For the group coming with private buses, parking options or drop-off zones are:

– dropping off people at Place general de Gaulle or port Vauban
– parking bus on one of the 12 free and unlimited bus park along the port on Avenue du 11 Novembre. (not available during Antics fair in April).

By Car:

Just use your GPS or Google Maps to get to our meeting point: place general de Gaulle 06600 Antibes.
If you’re coming from Cannes on motorway A8, toll will cost you 1,5€.
If you’re coming from Nice on motorway A8, toll will cost you between 1,6€ and 2,1€ or 3,1€ depending where you enter it from.

Make sure you allocate enough time to find parking specially if you’re looking for street parking which is cheaper than carparks.
Parking in Antibes can be expensive but you are generally entitle to 1h free parking every day and between 12 and 2pm, street parking is generally free (check on street parking instructions as places have different policies). So for a 4h stay around lunch time, you’ll pay only 1h or so. (1-2€). But parking spots on the streets are always on high demand so not so easy to find one or nearly impossible during the season.

Easier solution but more expensive in general, park in a carpark. There is still a few free parks outside of town (check link here for all parking options). Car Parks
And here is a list of the closest ones to the tour:
– Parking Jean Marie Poirier (straight on starting spot) 8 Avenue Tourre, 06600 Antibes
– Parking de la Poste (just at the entrance of old town 2min walk to meeting point) 8 Rue Lacan, 06600 Antibes
– Parking Pre-des-pecheurs/parking Vauban (just next to the port where we end up the tour) 20 Avenue de Verdun, 06600 Antibes

Price for a 3h stay will probably be around 8-12€.
By far, the worst transportation to Antibes. Very time consuming, expensive, polluting. I highly recommend the train as much as you can!

Best transportation to Antibes

To resume, train is definitively the way to travel around the French Riviera. Fast, efficient, ecological, cheap and with the best views and on top of this you arrive straight into city centers! From Cannes to Monaco, the train runs every 30 to 45mins in general. Only downside to it, they stop around 10:30-11pm at night and sometimes they strick (ahah). But don’t worry, an app is now available called SCNF where you can see the traffic live and book your tickets.

Follow this link to have more details on how to reach our meeting point.